Island Software’s easy-to-use word processing, desktop publishing, presentation graphics and spreadsheet applications are used worldwide by Unix workstation users such as engineers, managers, marketing, and administrative staff to create letters, memos, reports, newsletters, and presentations. Island’s products are available separately or as part of the Island Office productivity suite. Please fill out our order form to receive information about any of Island Software’s products.

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Island Write, Draw & Paint

Island Write, Draw & Paint is an advanced word processing, desktop publishing and graphic design application suite for Unix workstations. Island Write, Draw & Paint combines the powerful features required for professional document production with the ease-of-use that everyday users (who are familiar with Macintosh and PC applications) demand. Now users can create complex documents—including graphics, tables, and charts—right on their workstation; all with one seamlessly integrated suite of applications.

IslandWrite Includes:

IslandDraw Includes:

IslandPaint Includes:


IslandPresents is an award-winning business and presentation graphics application. IslandPresents allows users to communicate their ideas through stunning on-screen presentations quickly and easily. Users can output their ideas as on-screen presentations, outlines, speakers’ notes, overhead transparencies, and even 35mm slides.

IslandPresents is also a versatile multimedia tool with full sound and graphic support. Tightly integrated with Island Software’s Unix productivity tools, IslandPresents makes incorporating text, graphics, numerical data, charts, and graphics into a presentation as easy as selecting a menu option. Whether it’s a corporate presentation, a training lecture, or supporting information for a demonstration; IslandPresents and its seamless integration with the other Island products provide a complete communications solution.

IslandPresents Includes:


IslandCalc is a graphical Unix spreadsheet with optional front-end support for remote SQL databases. IslandCalc offers workstation users the most powerful spreadsheet application available for Unix with functionality including multiple sheets per worksheet, sophisticated statistical analysis capabilities, intelligent cell copy/reproduction and advanced graphing.

IslandCalc also offers extensive import and export capabilities, including .WK1, .WKS, and .WK3 files and macros. Migrating to IslandCalc is as easy as pulling down a menu. Spreadsheet power has never been easier whether it’s an existing Lotus or WingZ spreadsheet, data from a remote SQL database, or information from one of the integrated Island Software productivity tools. Incorporating numerical data, graphics, and spreadsheets into documents can be accomplished in one seamless operation since IslandCalc is integrated with IslandWrite through live-linking technology.

IslandCalc Includes:

Island Chart, Table and Equation

IslandChart, IslandTable, and IslandEquation are applications which are embedded in other Island Productivity Series applications. IslandChart is a charting tool that allows users to show graphs, charts, and other numerically representational data for either standalone display, as part of an IslandWrite document, or in an IslandPresents slide show. IslandTable is a graphics-enabled table editor that provides support for imported graphics on the cell level. IslandEquation is a powerful equation editor with over 400 mathematical characters and a customizable equation palette.

IslandChart Includes:

IslandTable Includes:

IslandEquation Includes:


IslandInTEXT is a document retrieval and management application for PCs and Unix workstations. IslandInTEXT's powerful document analysis engine lets users quickly access documents through plain English queries, summarize large documents based on content rather than key words, and automatically route incoming text and documents to user-defined SmartFolders. IslandInTEXT offers the strongest solution yet to help organize and utilize information with large numbers of legacy documents residing on PCs, workstations, and servers as well as the proliferation of electronic mail documents and other data. IslandInTEXT supports a number of popular word processing formats including IslandWrite, Microsoft Word, and WordPerfect plus ASCII text.

IslandInTEXT Includes:

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